CAC– Gym Rebrand + Website

A health club with 40 years of experience needed streamlining and modernization for their brand identity and website. We completed a brand design and 25+ page rebuild of their website to increase lead generation 140%.


Cambridge Athletic Club, health club


Brand Design: Color Palette, Typography, Style Guide

Website Design: Custom Website, 25+ Pages Rebuilt, SEO Optimization, Copywriting



CAC is a health club with 40 years of experience, but their look needed updating. Their brand identity needed to position them as the experienced, premium gym that they are while emphasizing their local roots and exquisite customer service. Their website had to be a hub of information for the myriad of services provided and convert interest into solid leads.


The first step in crafting a brand identity is nailing down what's most important about this business. We spoke with the General Manager of the fitness facility and gathered information on the business purpose, target market, and company values. We also completed a competitor analysis, to ensure CAC stood out from the crowd of big box gyms and overpriced clubs.

Key words: warm, valuable, local.

The club already had a tagline that articulated these values well: Get fit. Stay strong. Belong.

With the Brand Basics and Messaging done, we could move onto the Visual Identity process.

Color Palette

A good visual identity needs to be scalable, comprehensive, and intuitive. Previously, CAC had only a logo and no other aspect of a strong visual identity.

CAC's logo, not designed by Bright Eye

Extrapolating from the logo, it was clear that blue, red, and white had always been an integral part of their identity. While these colors were used for apparel, print, and digital posts, it was never the same value. We tightened this up by providing color names and hex codes.

Primary Colors: CAC Red #E8353E, Ivory #FCFCFC, Grey Blue #577083
  • The Red of the CAC logo was slightly too strong for everyday use. But we stuck with the family of red as CAC's primary color because of its strength and urgency. The energy and excitement of CAC Red can communicate to clients that this is a place to be active and get stronger.
  • Since red can come on too strong when used too often, pairing it with a sensible white evens out that burst of color.
  • A classy mix of grey and blue, Grey Blue helps underline the value of CAC. It is a calming blue that isn't overwhelming when used in large quantities, which made it a perfect match to the CAC Red.
Secondary Colors: Navy #20144E, Slate Grey #577083

The secondary colors brought a darker tone to the palette. Both still within the realm of blue, these colors help maintain the cool and sophisticated essence of the club.


CAC had a whopping 6 different fonts on their website. Their collateral messaging was equally as scattered.

We narrowed this down to the Avenir typeface, a modern geometric sans-serif. Avenir offers a flexible family of fonts that work just as well on the web as they do in print. In addition to better legibility, sans-serif typefaces are pretty standard for the fitness industry. Avenir also displays some humanist features, which brings a "warmth and openness to the typeface" that suited the club.

Web Design

Before any design or coding happens, ordering a website's tabs, pages, and navigation system is vital. The process of site mapping makes redesigning and structuring a website much simpler.

A handdrawn sitemap with spheres and squares depicting pages and folders.

Once we had the long list of services and information contained, the design work started. Since CAC was utilizing a drag-and-drop website builder, we were able to work up designs right in the system (rather than wireframing).

We built out the website, including copy, within two weeks, with NO downtime on the client-facing side. By strategic CTA and contact form positioning, lead generation from the CAC website went up 140%.

Our SEO optimization brought CAC to the 1st position on Google Search.

Over the following months, the site proved scalable as the COVID crisis hit. As an in-house designer, we created new pages for Virtual and At-Home offerings. The site proved to be a central hub for 2020. Members of the club praised the "ease of access" and "transparency" CAC offered by making all updates clear, accessible, and consistent across the website, social media, and email marketing campaigns.

Now, the website provides a space to showcase all of Cambridge Athletic Club's myriad offerings, all while maintaining accessibility and a strong visual identity.

Collateral materials, like letterheads, A-frames, floor decals, and rate sheets were designed by us according to the newly-upgraded design system.

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